Insight Disciple

Rap and Hip Hop Music Artist and Producer

Insight Disciple - Rap and Hip Hop Music Artist and Producer
Insight Disciple is a rap and hip hop music artist and producer on the Heaven's Disciples Music record label.

Upcoming Rap and Hip Hop Beats

hd-logo_black_800x800.300dpiI’m going to be making some changes to the Rap and Hip Hop Beats website soon. I’m going to remove the beats on the website and replace them with brand new beats. I’m also going to draft music licensing options for our clients.

Rap and Hip Hop Beats provides music production services, ringtones, and leased instrumentals to artists, filmmakers, TV and radio shows, video bloggers, marketing agencies, companies, organizations, and webmasters worldwide.

heavens-disciples-music-studio_1000x750Heaven’s Disciples Music is our record label. Our signature music genre is the U.S. East Coast style of rap and hip hop music. We will also be including other urban styles of music, including rhythm and praise, rock-rap, and dancehall reggae.

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Welcome to Insight Disciple’s music artist and producer website!

Insight Disciple is the owner of Heaven’s Disciples and its divisions, including the Heaven’s Disciples Music record label.

He is also a rapper and music producer from Akron, Ohio. He is currently residing in Cleveland, Ohio, while building a faith-based entertainment movement.

Music has always been one of his passions since he was a child. Now, it’s time to turn that passion into action through Heaven’s Disciples Music .


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